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Are you running a staff providing agency business?

Do you face regular issue to manage rota & generate payslips which does affect your business seriously?

Do you dream to make your life easy & increase your profit with minimum investment & planning?

Key Features

Internal & Temp Staff Database Management

Customizable Temp Staff Database

Compliance Checking

Log Track

Real Time Availability

Separate Rate setting for Customer & Staff

Bank Holiday & Special Rate Settings

Sales Invoice

Purchase Invoice

Various Report

Direct Invoice Synchronization to Payroll software

Referral Bonus

Quick summary of Administrative Panel Features

(App & Web)

Temporary Staff Registration Form Builder

By default, staff registration form will contain some mandatory fields like Name, Phone number, Email etc. You could add new fields and even set validation rules!

Staff Registration & log entry

Staff registration, unlimited document uploading, training info, expiry info, and personal info etc all legal data could be kept here along with easy to use log management facility for future tracking.

Staff Holiday & Non Availability Management

Here, staff related holiday & non availability information will be shown. This is very useful for checking availability of a staff before allocation in any shift.

Referral Bonus Management

Area specific referral & special referral bonus could be managed. During invoice generation, bonus will amount will be taken into consideration along with duty price calculation.

Deduction Management

Admin users could define any kind of recurring deduction for staffs. Example: Training Deduction, Transport Deduction etc.

Booking Management

Shift allocation, cancellation, move shifts, send confirmation etc could be done using a single interface! During allocation, availability will be checked based on many parameters like existing booking on same interval, visa expiry, eligible training etc.

Weekly shift information sending

Reminder could be sent via both email/ SMS to the temp staffs regarding confirmed shifts list in upcoming 1 week. This could be done by one click!

Reminder to Admin

System will send auto notification to internal employees to take steps for filling up any upcoming vacant shift! This will help a lot to fulfil all vacant shifts.

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Quick summary of Staff Panel Features

( App & Web)
1) Available shift Management:

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Here, as per eligibility, staffs could be able to see upcoming shifts, apply, and cancel allocation easily

2) Request for Personal information change:

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3) Staff Holiday & Non Availability Management:

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Same as admin; just specific to the staff.

4) Timesheet Submission

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5) Relevant Push notification against admin actions like shift

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booking, Cancellation etc.
6) Financial Information showing

Quick summary of Finance Panel features

1) Customer Rate Management:

Various type of rate could be entered like Weekend Day, Weekend Night, and Bank Holiday etc.

2) Staff Rate Management:

Same as above.

3) Timesheet Management:

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You could easily entry many entries of any no. Of staffs by one go for complete week.

4) Record Marking:

For ease of use, we have implemented highlighting facility for records. Example: make green once verified.

5) Invoice Generation:

Both Sales and Purchase invoices will be generated by one click keeping into consideration about different rates, referral bonus, deductions etc.

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6) Synchronization with Payroll system

There are many more features in every section. We could show you full demo on request.We could customize the system as per your exact need. Please feel free to contact us.

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