Thank you for visiting Shibari 101, your opportunity to understand the inspiration of Japanese rope bondage! Today, you’ll history that is learn tips and security.

For me personally, the methodical repetition and accurate framework of rope bondage is soothing. No matter what else is going on in my life, I have to be present to focus on the ties, the bottom I’m tying up, and the tone of the encounter as a rope top. I log off regarding the base both stopping control and fun that is having. For a base, being restrained also can feel very calming. Lots of bottoms feel blissed and relaxed out while in rope. One told me personally: “I like giving over control to your top, permitting them to do whatever they wish to me personally and experiencing their power while they connect. In addition really such as the feeling; the restriction and pain feel exquisite.” Another said: “As somebody who gets down on stopping power/control, i must say i benefit from the sensation that is psychological of restrained, along with the challenge of persevering through vexation. That sense of someone else/the rope managing just how my human body is able to go is freeing if you ask me; I don’t have actually to create choices, we don’t need to be in charge, however in a context that is safe. Continue reading “”