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So God gave something that would remind people of his promise never to flood the whole earth again. It has been discovered that there were two different Bethlehems at the time Jesus was born and that he was born in the wrong one, or not in Bethlehem at all. He did not fulfill the OT prophecy and is not the Messiah. Christianity doesn’t have evidence, only a book of fairy tales.

Too bad so many people make a ministry out of one thing like keeping the home…. Paul is not telling Titus to teach the older women to train the younger women to be like Christ. He is telling Titus that the women should behave in socially respectable, virtuous ways so God’s word won’t be ridiculed by pagan society. Maybe they were not behaving wildly, but anyone who is warned not to drink to the point of addiction in my books makes them sound like there could have been the possibility of drunkeness on an on going basis.

Best Bible Study App #3: You Version (aka The Bible App)

Let me make a distinction between how the Israelites were chosen then and how we as Christians are chosen now because it relates to the purpose of the Law and how we apply it today. God’s laws—from both the Old Testament and New Testament—are not just arbitrary expressions old Bible apk of His power. God does not make one thing up today and make up something contradictory tomorrow. He is not a nasty monster asserting that whatever He says goes, even if He says the opposite of what He said yesterday. We all too often lose sight of what we have witnessed and heard, or we simply believe we can no longer witness or hear anything. God continues to speak to people and create new life in them.

  • The Molech idol, where pagans sacrificed their children to a false god.
  • Because you are each living by your own standard.
  • Their conclusion was endorsed by a large number of church leaders who met in Chicago in 1966.
  • “Playlists” – Will only show any playlists you have created.
  • Reward shouldn’t be the reason we do what we do; compassion should be.
  • While my Bible College experience was definitely not as rigorous as a lot of seminaries, it did give me a greater appreciation for some of the technological study tools we have available to us today.

Robert Haldane was a Scottish churchman who was instrumental in the establishment of 85 “Churches of Christ” throughout Scotland and Ireland. In addition, he also influenced the spread of Protestant Christianity across the continent of Europe, impacting France , Germany and the Netherlands . He was a ‘Strict & Particular Baptist’ and the editor of the Gospel Standard magazine.

Bible And Church History

Although I am not a Christian and haven’t read the Bible, except for a few pages, the Bible app sounds something that I could use to learn more. Bible ABCs for Kids is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in a free version for the first seven letters of the alphabet. If you want to go beyond the letter “G” you can buy the full version of the app for $2.99. Bibilicious is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch as a free app with 10 sample questions so you can “try before you buy.” The Full version of the app is available for $1.99.